Our experienced team

Dominos Snyers, Graphic designer
First prize winner for the logo of the National Library in Paris
Agency manager, art director http://www.dominos-graphiste.net/

Also in Belgium

  • Francis Jadot, lawyer specializing in international law, professor of marketing and communication till 2011, co-founder of the agency
  • Qu Liangchen, Director of the Cultural Center ZhongRen and Zhong-International, Jiajia Asia-Pacific Regional Director, bilingual French-Chinese
  • Chantal Olivier, Graphic Designer, "A3" Agency and "A Propos" Agency http://www.agenceapropos.be/
  • Xavier Spirlet, webdesigner/graphic designer, "Petitpoisson" Agency http://www.petitpoisson.be/
  • Philippe Brandily, writer and copywriter for print, web and Great Houses (Paris)
  • Zhang Hong, editor and translator, professor of Chinese at the Confucius Institute at the University of Liège and at College of Europe in Bruges, sworn translator 
  • Caitlin Claassens, first assistant, bilingual English-Chinese

and in China

  • Zhang Luyi, designer and artistic advisor, trilingual, provides relay in Guangzhou
  • Li Yi, teacher at Fine-Arts, photographer and graphic designer, bilingual, provides relay in Beijing